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I've never been much of a "dress person" until recently. My hunch is that it's a product of the try-new-things culture from quarantine, or perhaps this new look is a direct result of the insane heat these days. But for the past few weeks, suddenly I can't stop wearing dresses. I've even pulled out a few nightgowns from the depths of my wardrobe. Going to bed has never felt like such an occasion! 

Lately, I've found dresses to be the perfect disguise. A look that seems put together and polished is actually just another day that I did not want to wear pants. Been couch surfing your way through the pandemic? No fear! Hide that muffin top from the world in a darling sundress. Too lazy to actually find an outfit? No worries! Your economical, one-piece solution is hanging in your closet. Running late for a social-distance stroll? No sweat! Just zip up, and zip out. Getting dressed has never been so easy.

This new appreciation for dresses inspired me to write this blog on my absolute fave dresses in Waverly Grey's collection. Despite many styles and patterns to choose from, I narrowed it down to my top 7 looks, fit for a variety of settings. Here are my picks for Waverly Grey's Seven Heavenly Dresses:

 #1: The Tara Dress

The Tara dress was an easy win for me. The elastic waist is heavenly, sitting at the perfect length. The princess-adoring toddler in me loved the length of this beauty, and depending on the accessories, I could see this look being dressed up or down to compliment a variety of occasions. The 100% cotton fabric is a great weight for summer heat during the daytime, and a cool summer breeze at night. And SO comfy! I would gladly stay in this dress forever. 

#2: The Amy Dress

This cheeky piece will be your best friend at any somewhat formal social(ly distant) gatherings. The zipper in the back allows for easy step-in, and this particular shade of white is great for showing off a nice summer tan (or if you're transparent like me, it'll definitely give you a little boost). I love the combination of ruffles and lace, and the hi lo seam gives a chic flare of sophistication--very classic of the Waverly Grey collection.

#3: The Scout Dress


It's the exact ratio of breathable and form-fitting that you've been searching for! The Scout dress is down for anything--work, brunch, outdoor dining, and everywhere in between. Zips on the side, and the knit fabric allows for good ventilation in the summer heat. The patterning is pretty basic, which makes it easy to accessorize and personalize. I could see this being a staple late summer item for many wardrobes. 

#4: The Nan Dress


Had to upload a close-up, because I'm OBSESSED with this pattern! The Nan dress isn't afraid to make a statement. This bold blue beauty is the perfect summer formal, and again, the length makes me feel like royalty. Like the Tara dress, the Nan has a forgiving elastic waste that adds a perfect shape. I really like sleeves on this bad boy--another classic Waverly Grey ruffle but this time with some body from the elastic. Rock this dress with some espadrilles and a tote, and you're good to go.

#5: The Star Dress


The fittingly named "Star Dress" has a way of making you feel just a little bit famous. I couldn't help but strike a pose! I like this dress because it's tailored to you, customized by how you decide to fit the waistline. The option is there to take out the belt entirely, or cinch it tight at the waist. Given the loose sleeve, I would call this more of a transitional piece for autumn, and would serve well on a slightly cooler summer evening. 

#6: The (totally fetch) Gretch Dress

"Mean Girls" pun aside, the Gretch dress is a baddie. The contrast between the bow and the fit mixes cute girl vibes with womanly magic. I think the floral lace is gorgeous, and it was actually the texture that drew me to trying this dress on. While it's on the formal side of the occasion spectrum, it's certainly a comfortable option for outdoors. Pairs nicely with a glass of rosé and some good outside company.

#7: The Shorty Dress

Last but certainly not least, this is one of WG's bestsellers: the Shorty dress. It's gingham, ruffly, and flattering--pretty much everything you would want in a dress this cute! In fact, I challenge you to put this dress on and not smile like me in this photo. For whatever reason, this is a dress that simply exudes joy. Like many other pieces in my top 7, it's versatile for casual or more formal settings depending on how you dress it up or down. There are only a few of these left in stock, so make sure to hop on the summer sale WG has and snag the last few quick! Be sure to use the code "SUMMER40" with your purchase.


Nancy Rosenberg