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I think I speak for most of us when I say: I can't remember the last time I wore jeans. These past few months have been a whirlwind of uncertainty, slight agoraphobia, and a lot of amateur bread-making. In all of this blur, we lean on loved ones and friends to remind us that the sun will come out, even if it's not necessarily happening tomorrow.  
In the context of fashion, until recently I can't say I've made much of an effort while stuck at home. An overwhelming majority of my days have been spent rotating through sweatpants and old tees, with the concept of "dressing to impress" seeming somewhat irrelevant in Zoom meetings. However, with the opening of non-essential businesses and outdoor dining, it appears my pajama days may be numbered. 
Waverly Grey supports women in putting their best fashion foot forward. Considering that I've barely made the foot journey from my couch to the fridge, the task at hand is a little daunting. Not to worry, because WG has got our back! With chic summer styles and effortlessly sophisticated comfort, here are some looks to make the transition from sweats to shoes seamlessly smooth.  
1. The Paige Dress: A Dress Fit to Impress 

1. The Dress That's Fit to Impress

While it may seem like wearing a dress after months in sweats is counterintuitive, WG's Paige Dress fills in the blanks. With a long, generous zipper in the back, throwing this bad boy on was a breeze. The soft lining inside was comfortable and complimentary, and I'm absolutely obsessed with the 80's chic shoulder! Given that I've definitely grown accustomed to putting way less effort into dressing up lately, the Paige Dress made finding style easy and approachable. The Paige Dress is the perfect fit for a social distance stroll, or even an outdoor-dining date. 

2. The Zanya Top: What I'm Calling, "The Hampton's House Blouse" 

One of my absolute favorites, the Zanya Top is lightweight, flowy, and so so cute! The blouse has the right fabric and breathability for summer heat--it felt like I was wearing nearly nothing, and somehow managed to not be sheer in the slightest. As indicated by the header, this blouse is the perfect, fun top for taking a socially distant stroll somewhere in the countryside, or even just for dressing up around the house. In transitioning outside, this top is an excellent blend of summery, chic, and simple. 

3. The Sea Top: A Shirt of Many Hats


As indicated by the header, the Sea Top is one of those shirts that you can wear in many different settings. The collar and V-neck allow for a more professional setting (at the office or on a Zoom call) or a boozy brunch outside with friends. The Sea Top does it all, packed in a breathable and stylized cut perfect for late summer. In this look I'm wearing more of a french tuck, but honestly the Sea Top doesn't need it at all; the shirt sat at my hips, which tells me that you can really match this top with a variety of bottoms. I felt effortlessly elegant and together in this top, which is a feeling I haven't felt since before all of my consecutive pajama days! The Sea Top is an absolute rockstar. 

4. The Rosie Top: Cute As a Button!

The Rosie Top, to me, is just darling! With its lightweight, flowy material and lining, wearing the Rosie Top is comfortable and approachable. The high neck is emphasized and supported with a button in the back, which really ties together the look with sophistication and elegance. The Rosie Top is absolute outdoor-dinner date vibes, but with without the stress of a top that's uncomfy or restricting. No more words about this beauty, just *chef's kiss* perfection.  

5. The Tanya Jacket: Fit For a Queen


For chilly or cooler summer nights, the Tanya Jacket is THE perfect look. The fabric is like a thinner kind of quilted material, and the masterpiece embroidery, well, speaks for itself! Waverly Grey's owner, Nelly, agrees that this is an exceptional piece to be worn just in time for both the transition off the couch and into the fall season. Pairs nicely with summer jeans, or a cute summer dress that compliments. 


Nancy Rosenberg